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Kathryn Ambroze
Kathryn Ambroze is a behavioral neuroscientist with experience in consumer research and methodological innovation. She currently works at HCD Research as the Manager of Behavioral and Marketing Sciences focusing on methodological development and innovation applying neuroscience and psychological tools to consumer and market research. Kathryn earned her bachelor’s in Neuroscience and Business from Muhlenberg College and is pursuing her Masters in Behavioral and Decision Science at the University of Pennsylvania.

Paul Brown
Though not immediately connected only to marketing, I have created and teach the first Masters programme in Applied Neuroscience in which one of the second year specializations is neuro-marketing and it is a subject that holds a good deal of interest for me. I have a good deal of reviewer experience, having started and edited an international academic journal that has now been in existence for 35 years: and have also been on the editorial board of others.

Erwin Hemetsberger
Erwin Hemetsberger is a marketer by education and by experience as well as a coach and consultant. In 2014 I set up my own company and am now also offering neuromarketing services. The latter I am doing together with renowned companies from Holland (Neurensics) and Germany (Neuromarketing labs). Besides I am also working as a psychotherapist.

Jeanine Leonhardt
A resident from Buenos Aires, working as an Architect for the past 15 years on brand design and architecture. First as an in-firm professional, then as an outsourced retail specialist for many local brands. Answering the question: “How can Brands sell more, How can brands sell better” has been always a motivation to study and dig deeper into subjects in order to try a good answer. Design thinking at Stanford, Branding specialization at Buenos Aires University, Innovation at Di Tella and Neuromarketing at Copenhagen Business School and Hamburg Media School have taken her close to unveiling the mystery of Brands From Architecture to Retail Innovation Jeanine has gotten closer to bridge the gap of Design, Sales, consumers and buying decisions.   

Gemma Rubio 
Gemma Rubio has worked in different publications and from fields as dissimilar as the luxury magazine Luxos, from Italy (just to mention one) or the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid, where she took part in different sociological and economic studies. She helps companies to Define what is Fine for them by using the wits of Marketing, branding, Communications, UX and Personal Branding. She has made her goal to help companies and individuals in Improving systems and procedures, online platforms and even apps, to create efficient and effective operations". 

Bob Woodard
Bob Woodard is a Founding Partner of Deep Relevance Partners (DRP), a consumer brand strategy firm committed to driving consumer behavior change & real business growth through strategically advantageous, validated brand positioning. DRP applies its expertise in consumer strategy, insights, & communication, plus leading-edge tools from its network of marketing science pioneers, to build & leverage deep consumer connections that matter in the marketplace. DRP also helps clients/agencies translate these insights & recommendations into consumer communications & optimize them.